Hors D'oeuvres

Fresh vegetable platter with vegetable dip in bread round
(or served with spinach artichoke dip, low fat sun-dried tomato dip
or roasted red pepper dip)
Crudite platter with fresh seasonal vegetables, with or without dip
Cheese tray with pepperoni or fresh fruit and crackers
Deluxe cheeses (brie, sharp cheddar, dill havarti, etc., served in block form
with fruit garnish and crackers)
Fromage fort – housemade herbed cheese spread served with toasted baguette rounds
Brie with sun-dried tomato topping and crackers
Crostini with bleu cheese, tomato jam and balsamic reduction
Fresh fruit platter with honey cream dip (or low-fat strawberry yogurt  dip)
Fresh fruit kebabs
Salami/corned beef rollups with horseradish cream cheese
Prosciutto wrapped melon
Asparagus bundles wrapped in prosciutto with herbed goat cheese
Deluxe Italian antipasto platter, garlic parmesan dressing
Beef and bleu cheese crostini
Grilled chicken “lollipops” with chimichurri dipping sauce
Grilled shrimp “lollipops” with chipotle cream dipping sauce
Jumbo shrimp platter with cocktail sauce
Smoked trout with horseradish sauce and crackers
Smoked trout pate served with crackers
Smoked salmon platter with dill cream cheese and crackers
Smoked salmon mousse with crackers
Cucumber cups with smoked salmon mousse, caviar garnish
Fresh salsa with tortilla chips
Guacamole with tortilla chips
Hummus with cucumber rounds and toasted pita triangles
Spinach artichoke dip with toasted bread rounds
Roasted eggplant olive tapenade with toasted baguette rounds
Finger sandwiches (choose from a large variety made with Boar’s Head meats and
cheeses or chicken, seafood, tuna or specialty salads)
Finger sandwiches of smoked salmon mousse or dill cream cheese with
cucumber on rye and pumpernickel
Deviled eggs
Grilled chicken satay on skewers
Stuffed mushrooms
Quiche cutouts, variety of flavors
Italian meatballs (or meatballs and Italian sausage)
Swedish meatballs
Meatball/sausage kebabs with peppers
Baked ham and pineapple kebabs with peppers
Baked brie with caramelized apples and almonds, served with crackers
Jalapeno bean dip with tortilla chips